Smart travel comes hopping into Nottingham!

01 Sep 2014

SmartCitizen is pleased to announce its involvement with the innovative Nottingham Citycard scheme. This ambitious project provides a single smartcard for transport, leisure and library use within the city, as well as discounts on goods and services. As part of the scheme, Nottingham City Council are delighted to have secured the inclusion of the local transport operators and are now able to offer a multi-modal, multi-trip travel ticket called ‘Kangaroo’ on its ITSO platform smartcard.

By offering unlimited travel for a minimal cost, it is hoped that the new Kangaroo travel card will encourage Nottingham’s citizens and visitors to hop away from fuel costs and use public transport to beat the traffic. Available for use on most buses, trains, and trams within the Greater Nottingham area (as well as Citycard cycles), the Kangaroo can be purchased for 1 day, 10 days or as a renewable monthly or annual season ticket. SmartCitizen is currently encoding 1-day and 10-day Kangaroo cards at its ITSO certified bureau in Cornwall. The company has been involved with ITSO deployments since the very first pilot scheme in 2005 and provides a wide range of ITSO approved products and services. With over 16,000 Kangaroo cards already produced and another 10,000 on order, the company has been thrilled to hop into action to help Nottingham's residents and visitors hop onto public transport!

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Smart Card Solutions

SmartCitizen offers local authorities and technology partners a complete service from initial feasibility studies and consultancy, through to card scheme creation and support, including management and hosting where required.

We also offer a suite of software packages designed to support the use of smartcards in libraries and leisure centres and can also provide real-time integration solutions for interested customers.

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