Nottingham launch new Under 19 PAYG Card

01 Jun 2017

SmartCitizen and the Robin Hood Operators Group are delighted to announce the launch of the Under 19 Pay as You Go (PAYG) ITSO smart card.

The Robin Hood Operators Group, which comprises of the Nottingham City Council and the operators in the Greater Nottingham area, launched the adult Robin Hood PAYG card - an epurse that uses a capping system to ensure best value for travellers, a little over a year ago and are now this has been expanded to a new Under 19 product. Robin Hood PAYG allows unlimited trips on multiple operators for bus and tram.

Since the launch close to 2 million journeys have been undertaken on PAYG cards, produced by the SmartCitizen card bureau, with over 40,000 cards in circulation and there has been a scheme turnover of over £1 million.

The introduction of the U19 PAYG extends the freedom to travel according to the needs of your day on multiple operators with the knowledge you are getting great value for those journeys to younger users.

The Under 19 card will be issued at travel centres via the SmartConnect CMS as proof of age identification will be required and the card is not transferable, however it can be topped up at any of the 113 Robin Hood ticket vending machines in the scheme area.

The Under 18 season ticket has also been raised to U19 in line with the pay as you go introduction.

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